• A. Taxation Service


    Act as tax representative to help filling and submit tax returns

    Profits tax return of a sole proprietor or a partner of partnership business HK$1,000up
    Reporting employer income and pensioner' welfare fund or non-incorporated tax returns HK$500up
    Self-employee, individuals HK$500up
    Property tax returns HK$300up
    Limited company or non-governmental organization tax returns (auditing charges already included) Free of charge
    Assist in replying enquiries of I.R.D, applying complaints, objection and tax refund HK$1,000up
    Statutory auditing or on-site auditing Negotiable
  • B. Accounting Service

    Sole proprietor or partner of partnership business HK$5,000up
    Limited company(annual) HK$5,000up
    Limited company(monthly) HK$2,000-$4,500up
  • C. Company Secretarial Service

    Set-up Limited Company (all service charge, business registration and government fee included) HK$8,500
    Nominee director and shareholder HK$3,600up
    Sole proprietor or partner of partnership business HK$1,000up
    Serve as company secretary (include submission of annual report) HK$1,800up
    Submit annual return (all service charge and government fee is included) HK$1,000 up
    De-registration of a limited company (all service charge and government fee are included) HK$5,000up
    Provide company registered address(per year) HK$2,400
    Correction or change of company’s name, director, secretary or registered address etc. HK$1,000up
    Share transfer or re-arrangement HK$3,000up
    Share transfer or re-arrangement HK$1,000up
    Patent and Trademark Registration HK$5,000up
    Tailor made of contracts and agreements HK$3,000up
    Working Visa  HK$25,000up
    Certified True Copy HK$500
  • D. Auditing Service

    Limited company HK$5,000up
  • E. Business of China


    Start a Foreign Company Fee (Not including; Verification and Administrative expenses). Average Time: one month (Speed ​​up the process at an additional cost)

    Start a foreign company RMB15,000up
    Start a Local Domestic Company RMB2,000up
  • Registeration office in Shenzhen


    Can be registeration office in Guangzhou

    Registeration Office (If setup registration office in Guangzhou, are subject to RMB$ 2000. Working days: 3weeks) RMB5,000up
    Working Visa (Excluded Government Charges) RMB5,000up
    Employment as Professionals in Hong Kong RMB30,000up

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